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INFORTREND ES U16U-G3A3-4M2 16-Bay 3U SCSI-TO-SCSI 128Mb cache
INFORTREND ES U16U-G3A3-4M2 16-Bay 3U SCSI-TO-SCSI 128Mb cache
Технические Характеристики
Multiple arrays configurable with dedicated or global hot spares
RAID levels supported: RAID 0, 1 (0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, NRAID and JBOD
Online expansion by:
Adding new drives
Copying and replacing drives with drives of larger capacity
Experienced RAID firmware with
IOSmart Technology
DrvSmart Technology
SysSmart Technology
Host Interface:
Two (2) SCSI-320 through dual-stacked VHDCI 68-pin SCSI port, SCSI-160 backward compatible
Concurrent I/O commands
Tagged command queuing up to 256
Variable stripe size per Logical Drive
Optimization setting for random or sequential I/Os
Drive Interface:
Sixteen (16) SCSI drive trays that accommodate 1-inch pitch, 3.5-inch SCSI-320 disk drives, SCSI-160 backward compatible
Automatic bad-sector reassignment
Drives hot-swappable
Dual channels across 16 drives within each subsystem
System Components
Redundant, hot-swappable components designed for no single point of failure
One (1) EonStor 3U enclosure
One (1) RAID controller module
One (1) 256MB or above DDR RAM DIMM module (pre-installed on the controller module)
Two (2), hot-swappable, redundant, 460W power supply units (PSUs)
Two (2) hot-swappable, dual-speed, redundant, dual-fan cooling modules
Sixteen (16) hot-swappable drive trays
Two (2) front handles, one (1) with LCD panel
Optional battery backup unit (BBU)
Front LCD control panel for setup and configuration
10/100 BaseT Ethernet for out-of-band management
Auto on-lining of cascaded enclosures
RS-232C for local access to firmware-embedded utility
Firmware-embedded Java-based RAIDWatch ® GUI manager:
VT-100 terminal emulation via RS-232C
Telnet access via onboard Ethernet port
Cross-platform, remote administration with SSL
Out-of-band access via Ethernet
Centralized management to monitor and administer multiple RAID units on one screen
Configuration client for real-time event notification over Email, Fax, LAN broadcast, SNMP Traps, MSN messenger, ICQ, SMS short messages, and the configuration utility screen